Of course Willow is not my given name. I have come to be called Willow by gardening friends in the community of daylily growers.  The name stuck.  So for my garden stories, Just Call Me Willow.

Published by

Sally Willow

I am just me, wife, mom of 2, nursery school teacher, Christian, Sunday School teacher, singer, hunter, artist, crafter, writer, photographer, collector, and finally,, gardener, and online computer IT person [non professional, self taught] and last, an entrepreneur into all things daylily. Yes, I was all of these things at one lever or another through my life. Finally, I settled into gardening and raising daylilies. But with that I used the Internet to sell my daylilies. I might add entrepreneur to the list of things I have done in my life because I built the garden and online business one scoop of soil at a time. One sales at a time, and one web page at a time.

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